• The referred article shall be drawn up in accordance with the edition requirements (Rules for the authors).
  • A signed offer about cession to the publishing house of nonexclusive copyright for placing the article and article's metadata in scientific databases.
  • Reviewing and publishing of the articles – in accordance with the Ethics of the publishing house (see below)



« International scientific Bulletin. Bulletin of the Association of Orthodox scientists»

The ethical conduct of the authors, publishers, editors and reviewers is the basis of the scientific publications. The publishing ethics has been developed in accordance with the recommendations of the COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines and Elsevier. 

1. Decision about publishing

The decision about publishing is taken by the editors of the publishing house headed by the chief editor. The chief editor is responsible for taking decisions about publishing regardless of the nationality, sex, sexual orientation, religious faith, ethnic origin, citizenship and political philosophy of the scientific authors, except the cases mentioned in the Law of Russia (e.g. Article 29 clause 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), when the publication contains propaganda of national or religious strife, aggression etc., with non-scientific purposes. The publishing decisions of the editors shall not be affected by advertisements or other commercial profits of the publishing house. After printing, the publishing house performs distribution of mandatory copies.

2. Confidentiality

The information about the presented manuscript shall only be disclosed to the author, reviewers and members of the Advisory Council of the journal, i.e. to those who bear a direct relation to the publication. Confidentiality of presented materials is guaranteed.

3. Conflicts of interests and consideration of complaints

In case of conflicts of interests, the publishing house obliges its members and reviewers to report such cases to the chief editor and keep from reviewing the article or deliver the manuscript to another reviewer. The expert opinion about the manuscript may not be used for personal purposes and is confidential.

In case of any complaint about the manuscript or publication in the journal, the editors, jointly with the publisher, shall take measures to resolve the conflict or unethical conduct through contacts with the author, correction of the publication and other adequate measures.

4. Contribution of the experts into the editors' decisions

The expert opinion is a scientific method for taking editors' decision and helps the author improve the quality of the manuscript. The expert engaged in reviewing shall be a specialist in the subject area of the presented manuscript. The reviewing shall be anonymous. Applicable is double «blind» reviewing, the decision about which shall be taken by the editors of the publishing house. The members of the journal's Advisory Council may act as reviewers of the manuscripts on the subjects complying with their scientific works. The review shall be forwarded to the authors for information. In case there are substantial formal objections of the reviewer, the manuscript shall be rejected or the author is proposed to correct the drawbacks within a reasonable period of time and resend the manuscript. The reviews and published scientific articles shall be stored in the publishing house for 5 years and their copies shall be presented on request of the Higher Attestation Commission. 

4.1. Manuscript review period

The manuscript presented for review shall be considered by the reviewer within no more than one month. In case of impossibility to assess the manuscript within a short period of time, the expert shall turn the manuscript in with a notice about excluding himself/herself from the process of its reviewing.

4.2. Confidentiality

Any manuscripts received for assessment shall be treated as confidential documents. The manuscript may not be demonstrated to any third persons or discussed with any third persons, except the authorized editor.

4.3. Impartiality standards

The reviewers shall express their opinions about the author's manuscript, urgency of the publication, its scientific novelty, correspondence of the topic to the content and the references, independence of the article. This opinion shall be impartial, without personal criticism of the author. The reviewer's opinion about the possibility to publish the article shall be reasoned.

5. Responsibilities of the authors

5.1. Research standards

The authors of original researches shall be guided by the recommendations for the authors. The manuscript shall contain references to respective earlier works in the area specified by the author. Inaccurate and ambiguous statements in the manuscript constitute unethical conduct and are unacceptable.

5.2. Access to data

The authors shall provide access to all data required for an expert opinion, and shall be ready to store those data for a respective period of time following the publication.

5.3. Originality and plagiarism

The manuscripts shall be original; no intentional or unintentional plagiarism shall be acceptable, which is guaranteed by the authors. When citing, references to the sources of citation shall be given.

5.4. Multiple or parallel publication

The author shall guarantee that the manuscript is presented to one journal only. Presentation of a manuscript to more than one journal shall be considered unethical. Previously published works shall not be resent by the author for publishing in different journals.

5.5. Confirmation of sources

The author shall confirm that the publications he/she uses for citation have influenced the process of work that they represent. Any additional information associated with development of the idea in the process of discussion with other people through negotiations or correspondence shall only be used with a written permission of these people.

5.6. Authorship

The author shall guarantee that he/she has made a considerable contribution into the concept, structure, design or interpretation of the research. Other participants of the publication shall be acknowledged as the ones who have made a contribution into the work. The author shall guarantee that all coauthors are included into the manuscript, have seen and approved the final version of the manuscript and agreed to its publishing.

5.7. Conflict of interests

The author shall guarantee that the manuscript offered for publishing contains no conflict between the coauthors or the sources of financial support of the manuscript, and that all sources of financial support are disclosed.

5.8. Fundamental mistakes in the published works

In case the author reveals any considerable mistakes of inaccuracies in his/her own published work, he/she shall, as soon as possible, inform the journal's editor or the publisher and cooperate with them in order to correct the mistakes.

5.9. The author's agreement to processing of his/her data

The author, when presenting the manuscript for publishing, upon a positive decision of the editors, shall agree to processing of its data and article materials for placing in scientific databases (Russian Science Citation Index and others), for which purpose he/she agrees with the offer sent by the editors to the author about granting nonexclusive rights to the publisher.